Our Services

Podium waterproofing

We use our polyurea hot spray to cover big areas when waterproofing podiums

Flat roof waterproofing

We do many different waterproofing systems when it comes to flat roofs. We do pvc tpo kee eva grp pu and epdm as well as polyurea

Pitch roof waterproofing

We do a lot of Conversion Pitched roofs, making it a maintenance free seamless system

Corrosion defence

We can recommend corrosion defence system such as ruts prevention

Swimming pools

We install bespoke liners in any pattern, and we use Polyurea hot spray for both domestic and natural pools

Water features

We use our hot spray polyurea to do a lot of water features, but we also use our MMA products

Aquatic tanks

Our systems can be aquatic meaning they are perfect for fishponds

Epoxy flooring

We use are epoxy systems in doors for Shopfloors, factories, and Domestic flooring. We can do Metallic colours and patterns giving your flooring a real wow factor

Pmma flooring

We do a lot of decorative balconies with our PMMA systems. We can create a tile effects within the resin as a decent alternative to decking

Fireguard linings

We can fireguard externally and internally with a spray applied fire guard. This be Applied to walls steel and doors and many more applications

Tank lining

We can waterproof any tank whether it be water or something more Corrosive. Our poly can be made to withstand most chemicals

Motor linings

Polyuria was originally designed as a bed liner for the back of trucks because of its extreme durability

Waterproof design and testing

We can assist you with the design of waterproofing and fully sign the work off with an electrical integrity test

Roof cleaning and chemicals treatment

We have roofing chemicals that can be applied to pitch roofs or flat roofs that prohibits the growth of Moss

High access and confined space works

We are up-to-date with our confined works and working at heights

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